Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions

Following terms and conditions concerning the rights and obligations between the company Hana Jirků, ID: 68657641 operating websites www.lustry-luminance.cz (hereinafter referred to as "Seller") on the one hand and a buyer on the other side. The buyer is familiar with these terms and conditions with which met when concluding a purchase contract on the website www.lustry-luminance.cz where with them in case of purchase contract assent. Contractual relations are concluded in accordance with Czech law and is governed by the Civil Code (no. 40/1964). and the consumer protection Act (no. 634/1992 Coll.), respectively. Commercial Code (no. 513/1991 Coll.).

II. Purchase contract

1. The purchase contract when buying the e-shop www.lustry-luminance.cz closes the checkout. The acceptance of the order, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer via e-mail. The seller must deliver the product that the customer ordered. The only exception is a sellout. The obligation to confirm the order is necessary in the case of sellout. 
2nd In case of change orders, ie. purchase contract by the buyer after confirmation by the seller, that change is possible only by mutual agreement of both parties.

III. The purchase price

1. These prices are valid at the time of ordering goods are always given exklusive of the VAT. 
2nd If you order goods including freight to the place specified by the buyer, the price of freight calculated according to each specific order and its amount depends on the mode of transport, the volume of required goods and address of the place of delivery. Freight includes loading and unloading of goods at destination. Data on the amount of freight the buyer discovers before sending a binding order on the e-shop. The cost of transporting goods are then included in the final price of the order.  
3rd The purchase price of the goods purchased on www.lustry-luminance.cz buyer shall pay for the ordered goods described below: 
a) by credit intercourse, ie. Payment by bank transfer to the seller's account with subsequent shipment of goods purchased and paid. Payment is made by the buyer on the basis of a tax document issued by the seller and the buyer delivered by e-mail. The buyer is obliged to make payment according to the respective variable symbol and according to the maturity date stated on the invoice. Otherwise, the contract shall no longer be valid. 
B) Cash on delivery, ie. Cash payment to the worker appropriate transport company at the time of transfer of goods to the address specified in the order as the delivery address. The award for the transport of goods paid by the buyer, see Article II, paragraph 2. 
C) Cash payment to the seller at the seller's warehouse space in case of acquisition of goods, personal collection of goods. Personal collection of ordered goods are not charged. 
4th For orders of goods to a particular specification requirements buyer, the seller is entitled to require the purchaser a deposit of 30% of the total purchase price, respectively. at a mutually agreed amount. Buyer providing backup grants permission to the seller of an advance payment of goods falling within the ambit defined in § 12 para .. 5 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll .. on consumer protection in distance selling, as amended, and therefore the buyer can withdraw from the contract. 
5 . Compliance with the condition the payment of goods means provable crediting the purchase price to the seller's account indicated in the invoice delivered to the buyer. In the case of payment on delivery is the time of handover of the purchase price in cash relevant transport company taking over the goods. In the case of personal collection at the seller's moment of handover of the purchase price in cash to the seller.

IV. Terms of delivery 

1.Prodávající is obliged to meet binding order the buyer and deliver the goods in the agreed quantity, quality, term, or arrange for transportation of goods. Seller shall also transmit or send proof necessary to accept the goods. The seller has the right to proper and timely payment of the purchase price from the buyer for the goods delivered. 
2.Dodání ordered goods takes place subsequent steps: 
a) Personal collection of goods at the seller's warehouse space. 
B) sending the goods transport company at the address specified in the order as the address delivery or cash on delivery or. After payment of the purchase price of cashless intercourse. 
3.Převzetí goods ordered personal collection and delivery of goods transport companies will be held only on weekdays. 
4th Consigned goods from sellers warehouse space is always equipped with protective covers, ie. respective cartons, respectively. protective film. Goods are always without exception transmitted in such a state to avoid damage to the goods. In case of personal receipt of goods by the buyer with the seller the buyer confirms this fact receiving cash voucher receipt of a payment in cash for the transfer of goods or. signing the handover protocol. 
5th The buyer is obliged to accept the ordered goods, pay the seller the agreed purchase price agreed due date, including costs related to the delivery of goods. In the case of abandonment of goods dispatched through a transport company based on closed sent and confirmed orders for other than legitimate reasons or if necessary, repeat deliveries because of the absence of the buyer at the place specified in the order, the seller is entitled to demand compensation from the buyer reasonably incurred costs, ie.compensation for damages, in particular the cost of storage of goods, which is determined in accordance with applicable laws and costs to ensure repeat traffic. Storage fee may be charged to the purchaser even if the personal collection of goods when the buyer does not accept the goods within 7 days after the deadline specified in the binding order acceptance. 
6th The buyer is obliged to check the goods and packaging at the moment of delivery. In the event that the goods or packaging of goods will be mechanically damaged, the buyer is obliged to notify as present courier transport company. In this case, the carrier shall prepare a record of the damage to the goods or. packaging buyers and accuracy of the record confirms his signature. On the basis of such a record may then require the buyer from the seller remedy things, ie. To provide removal of defective goods or discount on goods or deliver new goods to the buyer. In the same way, the buyer is also in the case of receiving incomplete or incorrect shipments. 
7th Costs associated with the mounting of goods, unpacking of goods from the protective packaging, respectively. removal and disposal of packaging are not included in the purchase price of the goods or the cost of shipping.

V. Withdrawal from contract

1. Conclusion of a purchase agreement is possible on the basis of agreement between the parties at any time and only in writing including by electronic mail. The agreement must include the acceptance of the cancellation of the purchase agreement of both parties and negotiate terms to cancel the contract. 
2. In case of seller's default in fulfilling its commitment, ie. In particular the delivery of the goods, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract if the seller fails to fulfill its commitment not reasonable additional period. 
3rd In case of signing the purchase contract based Internet business, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason, according to the provisions of § 12 para .. 1 .. .. Act No. 108/2000 Coll within 14 days from receipt of the goods on the basis of receipt of a written request to withdraw from the contract law given 14 days from receipt of goods. All shipping costs paid by the buyer of the goods sold, the person at their own expense, deliver or arrange delivery of goods to the address of the seller and after prior agreement by e-mail. 
4th In case of withdrawal from the contract the buyer returns the goods in their original condition, including original packaging, undamaged, unused, including accessories and the invoice for the goods in question. In the event that the above conditions of withdrawal by the buyer, particularly in the case of damage or use of the goods, deliver goods in original condition and packaging, etc., The seller is entitled to damages. Claiming a financial amount for the payment of damages, the seller is entitled to set off against the Buyer's claim for refund of the purchase price in accordance with the provisions. § 457 of the Civil Code of the value of the wear and tear of 1% of the total price of goods for daily use goods from the date of receipt of the goods. The purchase price will be refunded to the buyer within 14 days of the withdrawal by bank transfer to the account specified by the buyer.

VI. Liability for defects

1. The seller is not liable for damage or defects resulting from normal use of the goods, mechanical damage, etc..

VII. Warranty conditions

1. Statutory warranty period is 24 months and commences upon receipt of the goods. 
2nd Within the warranty period, the buyer has the right to free removal of specified defects. In this case the buyer is obliged to contact the seller by e-mail and writing define the type and extent of defects in the goods. Then, the seller is obliged to immediately inform the buyer about how to resolve the complaint as such. Exchange goods, refund of the purchase price, providing discounts on merchandise, etc.. If necessary, the seller take the goods from the buyer to remove the specified defect, the buyer is obliged to deliver goods to the address of the seller. If this is a defect that can not be removed or cause impossible proper use of the thing, the buyer has the right to exchange goods or to withdraw from the contract. 
3rd Complaints are handled promptly, as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from the receipt of the written complaint. This deadline applies if the seller and buyer agree on another date.  
4th The claim does not apply to sellers in the following cases. 
- If the purchaser at the time of acceptance of the order knew about the defect on goods, the seller warned her, eventually. carried out the order of goods with defined defect. 
- If the buyer has not communicated visible defects on the goods to the seller, respectively. delivering courier on delivery. 
- After the warranty period. 
- In case of mechanical damage to goods caused by the buyer 
- in the event of improper treatment of the goods or neglect of goods 
- In the event of damage during the actual transport of goods or services selected their choice buyer. 
- V if damaged goods water, fire, static and atmospheric electricity or other force majeure. 
- In case of damage to goods to unauthorized persons.

VIII. Protection of personal data

1. Information about customers is kept in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, especially the Law on Personal Data Protection no. 101/2000 Coll.subsequent amendments and regulations.