Assembly Instructions for the Chandelier

These instructions apply to the chandeliers which have the two rings as the main parts.

  1. Unpack the individual parts and carefully remove the protective foil.

  2. Insert the wing into the ring with the larger hole in the middle. The notch in the ring should always be inserted into the notch of the wing. The larger hole is to attach the nut socket and the bulb.

  3. Insert the ring containing the smaller hole in the middle into the upper notch of the wing. The small hole should be used for the bulb socket and the cable.

  4. Insert the opposite wing as before. Sometimes a little force is necessary to assemble the parts, but great care must be taken as the acrylic glass is fragile and easily broken. The notches must be inserted perpendicularly in order to fit together easily.

  5. Insert other wings, always against one another. We recommend that you assemble the chandelier on a table or other flat surface to ensure correct perpendicular insertion.

  6. After inserting all wings, the chandelier should be hung on the enclosed socket with the cable. Then fasten with the nut and screw in light bulb. We recommend having a competent and qualified person install the chandelier into the electrical system.

  7. If the notches feel loose and as though the wings could possibly fall out, we recommend securing them with glue.

  8. To prevent heat damage, only LED bulbs should be used for chandeliers. It is important to protect chandeliers against heat and high temperatures as they are made of acrylic glass.

  9. As the chandeliers are fragile, please handle them with care. If damage should occur, new parts may be ordered and damaged parts may be replaced.

  10. Don´t use cleanser with alcohol.
  11. Electrical montage can do only qualified person!

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